Maslake Ala Hazrat Zindabad

DARSE NIZAMIA (Islamic Studies)

TAFSEERUL QURAN…Those are better among you, who learn Quran and teach it (Hadith). Therefore our Tafseerul Quran Subject is essential for each and every student where we teach them meaning and Interpretation about Quran, written by High Qualified scholars.

DARSE HADITH … Ahadees from Most Authentic books of Hadith are being taught to the students to make them aware of ways and traditions of Beloved Prophet Mohammed (Blessing of Allah and peace be upon Him).

FIQH …Every Muslim must be known about Fiqh (fundamentals of jurisprudence) at least those Masail (ways of Islamic decisions), which are crucial to define Halal (Lawful) and Haraam (Forbidden) things to avoid making mistake anyway. Our students are aware of Fiqh be faced the answers of current issue and can guide the people on proper way.

AQAA'ID: We give Aqeedah Knowledge to our students to know and to spread actually believes, which are according Quran and Sunnah and also taught by Auliya Allah. We have several authentic book for the same. Such as Tamheede Eimaan, written by Aala Hazarat Imam Ahmed Raza Fazile Barelivi ( Radiallahu Unhu)

PHILOSOPHY AND LOGIC: To know complicated matters and get answers of difficult question raised by anyone, we have Philosophy subject to aware of them.

LANGUAGES LEARNING … Our first preferred Language is Arabic for students, because it is globally used and it is one of the important languages to understand Islamic books written in the same language. Urdu, English, Hindi and other languages are also being taught them.

ARABIC ADAB (Literature): Arabic language is liked by most of people around the world , especially loved by Muslims because The Holy Quran is revealed in Arabic Language and it is the language of Beloved Prophet. Our students learn it heartily.

HIFZ-UL-QURAN (Memorizing)

HIFZ-UL-QURAN …Respected Sahabah, The Companions of Beloved Prophet Mohammed (Blessing of Allah and Peace be Upon Him) Used to memorize the Holy Quran and our aim to put our students on the same path to follow their great way. Students recite the Holy Quran and to memorize it.

QIRA'AT… It is necessary be aware of knowledge of Qiraat to know how to read Holy Quran properly, therefore we have Qira'at section to make our students able to recite the Holy Quran properly and melodiously.


ENGLISH … We provide different languages learning program to our students to be faced language problem around the world, English Learning is compulsory here, because English is a Global Language, without it our mission to spread right words might be on half way. So our students learn it with a great interest.

COMPUTER… Modern Technology is used to expend the various intents, and it is also used to spread wrong thought among people, so we firmed Computer Lab for communicational, educational and religious purpose.